Please see Chapter 3, Section 3.4.1 on pages 63 and 64, which describes the Plan’s goals for the East Hill area.


As part of Cornell’s 2008 ‘Cornell Master Plan for the Ithaca Campus,’ the East Hill area was identified as a key location for re-development due to its proximity to the campus. As part of that report, the following statement and goals were established:

East Hill Plaza and its surroundings sit at the important southern gateway to Cornell and have become an integral part of the campus while continuing to function as a neighborhood commercial node. The area, however, has developed in a piecemeal, auto-oriented fashion and lacks an identity and attractive image. Given that much of the area is owned by Cornell and is close to Core Campus, it has the potential to become a unique place and community that functionally supports the core and enhances surrounding neighborhoods.

Key strategies and initiatives that were identified in the Master Plan included:

1. Prepare a Community Design and Development Strategy for East Hill Village.
2. Pursue development partnerships in East Hill Village for housing and mixed-use projects.
3. Encourage and support the provision of a range of retail and service amenities in East Hill Village.
4. Work with the Town of Ithaca to ensure the town’s new Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance support the vision for East Hill Village.